If you are looking for the top five casino online games to play, you will want to know what they are and if they are easy to play. Especially if you want to play them yourself.


Thankfully, not only are all five casino online games easy to play, but they can be incredibly fun as well.


Blackjack — Easily one of the top five online casino games, blackjack is popular primarily due to how fast and easy it is to play, and how much easier it is to win at it than at many other games.


This is due to the house having a lower advantage in blackjack than any other game in the casino. That means you have more chance of winning the game if you play blackjack than if you play something like the slots.


Poker — Poker is easy to play but difficult to master. It is also one of the top five casino online games due to it being a popular game offline as well.


That simply means poker players offline began to move to online play when they realized how many casinos there were, and how many games were available on them.


Roulette — Roulette is very popular as it is fun to play, every spin ends quickly and, if you play basic roulette, you have a high chance of winning with every spin.


Basic roulette simply means betting on one color over another or deciding if an odd number or an even number is likely to come up on the next spin. More complicated bets include choosing the specific number that will come up or choosing the specific number and the specific color.


Keno — Keno is very popular in togel online casinos. Not only because it is fun and easy to play, but also because it is played by millions of Asians.


Those Asians have moved to online keno play from offline keno play, as it is easily accessible to them, and so have made it become one of the most popular online casino games. As non-Asians began to see how popular the game had become, they wanted to play it as well.


Mahjong — Interestingly, mahjong has also become one of the most popular casino online games due to millions of Asians playing it on the Internet.


Mahjong has been around for several hundred years and has been a staple game in many Asian households. Once online casinos began offering it, however, many Asians moved to playing it online as doing so did not require them to find people to play against.


When they also realized there was big money to be made in online mahjong, they told their friends and those people started to gamble on mahjong online as well.


These five casino online games are some of the most popular and, yes, they are easy to play.